Thursday, August 4, 2011

We Meet, We Laugh, and We Sing

Assalamualaikum Beautiful,

Have I mentioned that I have bestfriend named Dhian and Aryn? I guess I had ya.. They are my high school besties and we're still meet regularly, well.. not that regularly but anytime we had a chance. If we meet, we laugh a lot, share a lot, eat a lot anddd sing a lot! I'll post you our pictures when we were karaoke-ing and we also record a video.. with a motive, who knows we can get popular by publishing this singing video!! ahahaha.. yeah we wish.. Well, hope our video won't hurt anyone's ear nor eyes.. :p


  1. aww.. so much fun!!! reminds me of my college days :)

  2. Wow,,,,i amazed by our beautiful voice (little bit over confident :P)...hihihihi....i miss you gals, and i cant wait for our next Karoke-ing. Wait for Mrs. Budy to come back here soon :*

  3. jauh beda sama aku, Mbak...punya 3 bestiest from high scholl juga, n kalo ketemu ya have fun, lough n karaoke-ing...:D
    Rasanya menyenangkan meski kita sudah 'ibu-ibu" hehhehe....tetap kompak ya...

  4. Almost cried reading this post *cengeng*....
    actually I miss my bestie, when I read this post....hmm Miss them a lot :)

    salam kenal,
    Adelia Tri

  5. hwahhh,,,,,,,jadi pingin pulang ke kota asal....:( ketemu shbt2

  6. you have a beautiful eyes
    i just want to say can i borrow images from your blog to my blog
    if you not allwoed me it is okay