Thursday, May 5, 2011

Love from 2 Generations

Assalamualaikum beautiful,

Yesterday, May 4th 2011 was my parents 25th wedding anniversary..subhanallah.. Its been 25 years of them been together and alhamdulillah my parents succeeded in raising their children. Me, my sister and my brother..and now, they got new son.. my husband.. alhamdulillah.. Can't stop thanking them for every step, every love, every word, every thing that they have taught us to be like us now. Hopefully my marriage may always be like their's.. amiin amiin ya robbal alamin.. And last night I found my parent's wedding picture.. hihihi.. my mom is sooo beautiful.. and my wedding was inspired by my parents wedding.. See with yourself.. :)

May 4th, 1986 & November 6th, 2010