Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Illustration of Ka Lulu

Assalamualaikum beautiful,

Another creation from me, an illustration of Hijabers Community committee, Ka Lulu Luthfiyah (Lulu ElHasbu). She's very beautiful, sweet and kind. I haven't met her in person, only through social media (facebook or twitter)..hopefully one day I can meet her.

and now I put watermark on my artwork to minimize the chance of being
taken carelessly by irresponsible people

The original picture from Siti's blog. 

Do not copy & paste photo/ artworks without permission
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  1. selamun aleyk├╝m last minute girl:)I am following the 5-6 months I am from a very loving and I like to see your culture if you speak English very very few that I feel like Indonesia to be entrusted to God I can write the dictionary, but it :):):)
    forgetting in the meantime I'm from Turkey Didem:)

  2. Suci, Makasih yaa sudah disempetin buat ilustrasi aku. I really love it ...

  3. Sama2 Ka Lulu cantikk.. :)my pleasure..

  4. aaaa..cantik skali ilustrasinyaaa..mau juga doonk dibikinin ilustrasi ama suciiii ;;)..hahahaha