Monday, May 23, 2011

I Hope They Understand

Assalamualaikum beautiful,

I have a big passion for fashion, yes I do.. My Mom always tell me that i have that 'gift' since I was a child that I'm good at mix and match clothes. So I did it, I decide to alter my passion by creating a clothing line named Such! I know that this business that I built still brand new, or maybe a baby. But alhamdulillah it is well-welcomed by the customers. I'm truly blessed. And making this passion into real thing is not just happen in a blink. I put many efforts and quite sacrifice several things. And this morning, a very nice friend of mine in Facebook give me a link to another OL shop in Facebook and she wondered whether I pointed this shop as my reseller, and this is what I saw.

Closer look
Okay.. its obvious that it was me in that picture, of course.. because I remember when I did the photoshoot, tt happens that this shop took the picture from Such!. There are few things that make me unhappy with it:
  1. They took this picture without permission (of course)
  2. They use this picture for commercial purpose, which they 'said' that they sell this kind of veil vest, and they mentioned its PO (pre-order)
  3. They make people think that I chose them as my reseller for this product (which is not, because I don't resold my clothing except for Pashmina and Inner scarf).
I was pissed off when I found out this, because you know what? There are few things that you need to know before you took somebody's artwork.
  1. Every artwork that someone's created, have background story that very memorable (happy or sad story)
  2. Every artwork that someone's created worth a lot of times, thoughts, joy, tears and ups&downs.
  3. Me personally, I have to be apart from my husband during this project, and actually it hurts knowing that I can't be with him for a couple of weeks to have this project done        
Please, think twice, hundreds, thousand times before you hi-jacked someone's artwork to be used for your own purpose (commercially). Because we never know story behind it, and how is that person treated that artwork in their life. I don't mean to over reacted towards this, and I also don't expect that people will stop hi-jacking after they read my post. But at least I hope they will understand, why someone's can be so irritated and mad when it happens to them.. including me.


  1. mungkin lain kali dikasi watermark yang besar kak suchi biar gak gampang dipake orang :)

  2. im sorry for you dear.. but u know... they can took you color.. but the wouldnt able to take your idea... you put the pic in you blog, just will made them more famous... all u need to do is send them wall post and warn them to remove the pic or either pay Royalty...

    It's time for people to appreciate others creativity.

    Aaaanddd.. every successful will through the hardest thing... and i think this is just the beginning of your baby-business will become professional famous business.. amien... wish u all d best ;)

    and cheers ;)

  3. selamun aleyk├╝m last minute girl:)I am following the 5-6 months I am from a very loving and I like to see your culture if you speak English very very few that I feel like Indonesia to be entrusted to God I can write the dictionary, but it :):):)

  4. forgetting in the meantime I'm from Turkey Didem:)

  5. AGREED!!! well, this our mentally basically.. copycat, hi-jacked, illegal, etc..
    we shud start frm ourselves, appriciate others then u will be appriciated by others ^^,

    dont be sad darl, still the original idea is frm urs ^^, and no one can stole things ever...