Thursday, March 3, 2011

Purple and Blue

Assalamualaikum beautiful, 

My husband always been my photographer whose takin all the pictures in this blog, well mostly actually. And FYI, he's always complaining (unspoken, just face) everytime I asked him to take my picture. He will just said, "" I haven't even finished my pose! rrrgghh.. but its better that not at all, right? So today, as always.. I asked him to take a picture of me before we went out, and it turns a great candid of my awkward face.. which I kinda like it! hehehe.. Thanks love! 


  1. same like me. My hubby also always helped me to take pictures. Thank you our hubby :)

  2. @kiting: :*

    @Fitri: hihihi.. :) thank God we don't have to hire a photographer..

  3. blm punya hubby, jadi masih "maksa" temen motoin, jadinya gantian..hehe..
    love purple n blue, gak tau klo digabungin malah bagus :)