Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Most Favorite People, My Family

Hi all.. I haven't got the chance to introduce you to my family, right? So here you go.. Meet my family.. 

Meet my wonderful parent, My Mom (Moder) and my Father (Pa'ji)

I love my Moder soooo much.

My handsome husband and my beautiful Moder

My younger sister, Enon

My younger brother, Agin

Full team!

I'm the eldest of three, I'm spoiled but independent, I'm not smart but clever! hihihi And I had a perfect day with my family today. Had seafood for lunch and steak for dinner. Not forget to mention that I have a lot of snacks whole day! woohoo.


  1. hi salam from malaysia..u have such a lovely family and yes i heart ur style....^_^

  2. Salam Suchi,

    I have 6 members in my family including my hubby. Iam the eldest of 3 siblings too but iam the only daughter of my beloved parents..Hehe..I really love the way you are and u r one of my inspiration. Seeing you one day is one my wish. Amin..Love,Tanty from Brunei