Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Love This Inner Scarf!

Hola! Hi girls, miss you all so much.. haven't got the chance to update my blog much frequent recently. Well anyway, I have something to share to you... I just acknowledge this inner scarf, and wow! I love it so much.. it is very easy and practical to use and of course comfortable. Besides, it makes me easier to play around with hijab style especially using long scarf that I usually used.. well, I'm so happy to have this inner scarf.. 

email me for details


  1. easy to wear n look nice...
    how much?

  2. where can i get that inner scarf n inner shirt like u???how much is the price??

  3. For further info about this "all-covered inner scarf", you can send your question to: suchbysuchi@gmail.com.. Thanks beautiful :)