Monday, February 28, 2011

Up Close and Personal

Asslamualaikum beautiful, 

Firstly, I am overwhelmed by all of your support, love and caring to me. For you, who are really kind to read my  blog postings.. You, who are really nice to add me on Facebook or follow my Twitter..You, who are just sooo kind to me.. Thank you, thank you, thank you.. And by that, I'd like to introduce myself even closer. This post will be like written about our personal bio in our friend's diary book when we were in elementary school. hehehe..

Name: Suci Utami
D.O.B: 31 January 1987
Married to: Budy Kurnia Djuanda
Nationality: Indonesian (Sundanese, and I'm really proud of that. Ahahaha)
Occupation: A wife, an entrepreneur, and a freelancer in Online media consultant. Oops, I almost forgot! I also a Master's degree student in Jakarta (on going my thesis, wish me luck!)

Currently I'm living in Selangor, Malaysia due to accompany my husband whose taking his Master's degree here. However, I'm still working, studying, and entrepreneur(ing) from where I live now. How come? Well, let's say that I'm so lucky! Alhamdulillah.......

I'm so thankful and grateful with my life now, even though few friends a little bit underestimated about what I do now, but.. again, let's say that I don't care. Allah always know which best to us, as long as we always pray and ask for His guidance all the time. Started with Bismillah, and ended with Subhanallah along with Alhamdulillahi robbil 'alamin. Be faithful to Allah SWT, faithful in what we do, what we believe in and what our parents said. No matter what, no matter how old are you now, our parent might not always know what's best for us, but I'm absolutely sure and believe that everything that we do, will be successful along with our parent's blessings, and of course husband's blessings is also important (if you married).

Well girls, that's all from me.. Once again thank you! Nice to know you all and lets be friend.. :)


  1. senang membaca blog mu...mungkin aku harus panggil kamu kak suchi karena ternyata kak suchi sudah lebih tua dari ak :)
    I'm a fan of you

  2. @Dea: just sharing.. :)alhamdulillah..

    @Dayana: its okay koq klo mau panggil suci aja.. aku biarpun sudah berumur, tetap berjiwa muda.. ahahahay..