Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yellow Wall

heii heiii.. today is exhausting! woohh.. I went to the immigration again, and finally I got my visa!! yeaayy.. and on my way home, I found this attractive yellow wall in the bus stop..and I asked my hubby to took some pictures of me.. hehehehe..

 what I wear: Gaudi loose top, U2 jeans skirt, VNC sandals, unbranded bag

PS: So sorry pretty girls, I haven't got the chance to do my make up tutorial.. InsyaAllah tomorrow I'll make a tutorial video of my make up and some make up tips coming up. And big thanks for those of you who has been suuper kind by giving comments to my posts or leave a message on chat board, and also you who followed me on twitter or add my Facebook's account.. thank youuu.. nice to know you all.. :)

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