Sunday, January 9, 2011

Two Tone Hijab

Helloo.. I just tried a new way to wear hijab. Actually this is a modification style from the Dian Style hijab and myself. I add new element in the model which is I wear two different kind and colors of inner scarf. I wear a lace and spandex inner scarf with different color. Well its fun anyway, so we can mix and match our inner scarf with the outfit. Happy try!

arrgghhh gray.. agaiinn?? sorryy.. promise you, next outfit.. i'll try not to wear anything gray.. :) InsyaAllah..


  1. sukaaaaaaaa...
    inspiring blog
    btw liat kamu, antara kepikiran liat BCL ato saskia sungkar hehehe
    -salam kenal-

  2. apa yg salah dgn warna abu2...
    abu2 bagus jg kok, ak suka

  3. why its always "nirina zubir" pop out in my head everytime i saw ur face darl?? hehehehe...
    btw, luv ur collections!! im waitin for ur restock dear v_v huff,
    make it fast yaaaa!!! hohohoho..