Friday, January 7, 2011

There's something about Gray

I really love mix and match colors, but I don't know I always need a touch of gray.. Gray cardigan, gray bag, gray scarf, gray tshirt, etc. I love the color so much. For me, gray is a very special color.. Gray is not as dark as black, and its not as pure and light as white as well, it makes Gray so easy to be mixed and matched with other colors. Gray is..... suit me best! For clothes of course..hehehe.. Gray is always save me! But don't connect it to the decision making, okay? Gray area never be good. When making a decision, it should be either Black or White. Gray decision will only make things more....confusing.

What I wear today: Gaudi light blue tank top as outer, unbranded pink inner shirt, NYLA gray harem pants, Rubi light jeans bow flat shoes. 

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