Friday, January 21, 2011

Our Wedding Album

Hi girls, I just received emails from my wedding photographer that sent me the layout of my wedding album. Well, nothing else I can say but I love it!! Love love love.. and I'd like to share it with you all , who knows one or maybe many of you will get married soon, so hopefully it can inspired you.. I put the album's layout in the form of a video, just like a slideshow.. And if you have any questions regarding preparing a wedding, don't hesitate to ask me.. I'd loooove to help.. FYI, I have this obsession and dream to be a wedding planner.. :)


  1. so terribly sweet suci :)
    jd pengen merit juga hehe, jd km di malaysia cm sementara aja apa menetap? just curious :P

  2. @niken: thank you Dear.. :) aku di malaysia menetap, at least sampai suamiku lulus S2nya.. which is, still about a year to go..

  3. Love it, suci..
    kmu tinggal di KL jg ternyata :)

  4. @ Turquoise: hallooo... iya, aku di Bandar sunway tapi..gk di KLnya.. kamu juga kahh? wahh asikk ada temen.. :)

  5. Iya, tepatnya di Serdang, dkt Putrajaya :)
    Kmu kuliah jg dsni? :)

  6. oh dear. love your album. but, there's something wrong with my eyes.

    i can't see detail of your wedding kebaya, decoration,,
    boleh lihat nggak... aku penasaran ma baju suami kamu&family dresscodenya...

  7. Baguuss banget blog nya sihh .. Me likey so very berry much :)
    Foto2nya juga baguussss... emang kamu cantiixxxx...

  8. Hi suci,I am your silent reader.
    bagus wedding albumnya.
    so it.

    boleh tau gak pake software apa untuk bikin video kayak gini??
    salam kenal. salam blogger :)