Thursday, December 30, 2010

Almost Goodbye to 2010

Wow! we will leave 2010 soon, and I would like to listed my most and least favorite things that happened this year. Okay, lets start with my LEAST FAVORITE THINGS happened this year:

  1. I should faced the fact that I had to undergo a long distance-relationship with my boyfriend who has been with my in almost 6 years.
  2. I had to say goodbye and let my boyfriend went to KL for his Master Degree study
  3. I got vertigo that caused me traumatic until now
  4. I should give up my master's thesis 
  5. I can't be with my boyfriend when he turned 23
  6. Disasters in my beloved country :( 
  7. That's it!
Now, these are my list of MOST FAVORITE THINGS happened this year:
  1. Have my boyfriend proposed on my birthday
  2. Got engaged on March 6, 2010
  3. Went to holy city Makkah - Madinah for doing Umroh with my family (alhamdulillah)
  4. Decided to covered my appearance with hijab (alhamdulillah)
  5. Prepared our wedding from A to Z (well at least to X cos the Y and Z done by my beloved wedding organizer)
  6. Went to KL to visit my boyfriend (slash fiance)! it was my first trip overseas, alone! wow! what a journey.
  7. Got an opportunity to do freelance at a consultant company, so that I can still earn money without going to the office, and the job was so much fun! 
  8. Had my bestfriends beside me to help with the wedding thing
  9. I got married on November 6th, 2010!!!!
  10. I have a husband, another parent (in law), new sisters and brothers!
  11. I had my "Malam Pertama" (this is absolutely unforgettable memories!)
  12. I share a bed with someone I love
  13. Went to Malaysia - Singapore with my husband and family for holiday
  14. Start my new life at Selangor, Malaysia.. Independently, with my husband
  15. Watch football match INA vs MAS, LIVE at the stadium for the first time in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia
  16. I cook.. cook..and cook! be a housewife..
  17. and many moooreee!!

This year is definitely a magical year for me, many magical things happened! new things, superb, great, cool, wow!!! hope next year can be more magical and full of blessings! amiin ya Allah.. Thanks 2010, for all the magic in you. 

Monday, December 27, 2010


 what I wear: Indonesian ts that I bought from Indonesian embassy, unbranded A-line pants from Singapore, 
Rubi slouchy bag. 

and yes, he wore that attractive wig! 

the red supporters!

snack during the game, chicken ball, fish ball, grilled chicken satay.. yummy! 

Sportive Supportive

Suportif itu bagus, kalo diiringi juga dengan sikap sportif. Being supportive is good, if followed by sportiveness. I was at Bukit Jalil stadium to watch the football match between Malaysia and Indonesia for AFF cup final leg. 1. Supporters from both teams were yelled their support towards the team. The situation was quite secured and controlled at the beginning, but it turns out to be a little bit chaotic at the second half of the game. Malaysian supporters starts making an issue of pointing laser light to Indonesian goalie while he prepare for Malaysian team's free kick. It wasn't acceptable at all, since it could distract the goalie's focus and view. Another distraction and unacceptable behavior, is when Malaysian's supporters threw bottles to the field. Not only to the field, but also to us.

And yes, Malaysia won 3-0 over Indonesia. Disappointed? Sure.. but the disappointment is not only to the team that I supported, but more to the unacceptable behavior shown by Malaysian supporters during the game. Hopefully, this could be a lesson to learn for Indonesian's supporters not to do the same thing to the upcoming match at Gelora Bung Karno stadium, 29th Dec 2010. Fair Game, Fair Play, Fair Supporters!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hi everyone, I'd like to share to you guys about my TOP 10 daily cosmetics that I use. First of all, I love to put make up on my face, never too much but quite bold and fresh. But I never have a problem either if I'm not wearing make up, its just an optional thing. Here are my top 10 cosmetics.

  1. Parasol Sunblock Lotion, it is extremely important to keep your face from sunburn. You can buy it from drug store or Century or Watson
  2. Revlon liquid foundation Natural Beige (but actually this is optional, only for special occasion)
  3. Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation loose powder no. 50 (really recommended! for the color's number, it depends on your skin tone)
  4. MAC Lightful compact powder (only for special occasion but this powder give you the best result!)
  5. Pixy black Eyebrow pencil (apply it to give you a bold effect for your eyebrow)
  6. Anna Sui waterproof eyeliner (so far, this is the best liquid eyeliner for me. None crack or washed out)
  7. Oriflame Batman and Robin pencil eyeliner (I apply the white liner on my under eyelid, to give bigger-eyes-effects)
  8. MAC Loud Lash Mascara (apply it to your lashes to give thicker and bolder effect for your eyes)
  9. and 9+ MAC Fleur Power powder blush (brush it thinly to the apple of your cheek and super thin swipe to your chin. Remember, not too much, okay?)
  10. Last but not least is Hare lipstick. This lipstick is unique, if you apply it too much, it'll lasted for more than a day on your lips! so use it gently and super thin. 

This is it! my daily make up look. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Black & Gray

 gray scarf from Ladies Day Citos, Gaudi Black Cropped top, gray long sleeve ts from melawai, Nyla harem pants, black CROC shoes, and unbranded gray bag

and I love this candid picture :*

Spent this Saturday night with my family, before we (me and hubby) move to Malaysia, for good (I hope so).. So Sushi as our choice for dinner and as always, it was always fun to be around our family.. Me, wearing Black and gray could be represent how I feel about leaving my family back here.. but this is life dude! I'm married now, and I should face the fact that I belong to my husband now.. hehehehe.. 

Monday, December 13, 2010


Since me and hubby had a great time bowling and eat at the Nanny Pavillon, so we decide to redo them with our family. So we spent our quality time with family last Sunday with bowling and pancakes!


Bowling, a sport that i never thought it would be fun to do.. and after a trial of bowling with hubby, I want more and more and more bowling! yeay!! 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Hot & Cold

Hi all.. A month ago, it was our wedding.. Yes! Time flies, I know.. I've been a wife for a month now.. Nice.. So we decide to go out on this special day.. So we went to Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta and we ate at The Nanny Pavillon. The place was so nice and well-furnished..Fortunately I brought camera! yeay.. so we can captured, well.. glimpse of our togetherness that time.. 

 It was fake snow, but still.. beautiful. I also love the choir :) 

 There are what we ordered, it tastes yummy and spoiled our tummy!

Our journey continued, after chit chat and relaxing at Pacific Place.. We went to Plaza Senayan to go bowling! yeaayyyy!! Excited! since it was my first time.. I'll share to you the pictures and my experience on the next post, alright?! xoxo

Saturday, December 4, 2010

What I Designed....

I had my best friend wedding 2 weeks before my own wedding, and the tradition is we give well sort of bride maids dress' fabrics which we can create by our own how the dress will be like. So my best friend gave me dark dusty pink 'brokat' fabrics and it was pretty. Since I just transform my look into wearing hijab, so i'm a little bit confuse of what kind of dress should I wear on my best friend's wedding.. hmmm.. So I made a sketch and design my own dress, give it to the tailor and walaahhhh! this is it! I love the dress and it suits my expectation.. :) here's the picture of me wearing the dress, excuse the quality of the picture alright..coz it was taken using Blackberry camera..

Details: I only use the 'brokat' fabric for the top design
and use shiffon silk type for the rest of it. I love shiffon silk because
it gives flowing effect for the dress and makes it prettier (for sure)

After the dress 'thinghy' was accomplished, now its time to think about the make up.. hmmm.. how the make up should be like? Since I have no time to go to the salon to make myself up (@#*$#??), so I decided to do the make up and hijab do by myself. I love experimenting with make up and hijab, sooo.. after a while sort of kind of time, here comes the result of my own make up and hijab do.. tadaaaaaaa!!!

Details: for the face, I use a thin base of liquid foundation from Revlon and
some oil controller gel from Anna Sui (I'll provide you the picture on my next post, alright?)
I use minerals loose powder from Revlon and Lightful compact powder from MAC
(FYI this is a perfect combination, at least for me.. :p)
for the eyes, I applied eyeshadow from Pixy and PAC colored pink, maroon and brown
I used liquid eyeliner from Anna Sui (the best!) and applied false lashes to contour my eyes
and since i've already use false lashes, so I didn't use mascara anymore
I also applied white highlight at the tip of my inner eyes to give some effects that makes my eyes looks bigger
For the blush I just use rose blush on from Revlon
and for the lips was lipstick from MAC combine with Etude's lipgloss for the final touch!

Okay, that's it from me and InsyaAllah I will give you more details about the make up that use, the brand, the look, the number, etc.. I just need more time to do that since now I have a husband to take care of :p thanks guys! or girls.. see ya!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Reception, It was Beautiful!

Well, the title already represent the content of my story right now.. Its about my wedding reception. When someone asked me about what can I remember from my wedding reception, I can only describe it as a beautiful moment in my life which I will never forget. I didn't know how the food tasted like, but all I know that people who came love the food.. I wasn't pay much attention for my make up, but people who saw me that day said that I was pretty (wink!).. I didn't know the detail of the decoration, but people said that it was gorgeous.. All I remember is, me and Budy (now my husband, wink!) felt so happy and blessed! we received many loves, wishes and prayers from those who came to our wedding. It was great! GREAT! and now I share with you some of the pictures, okay?

Our Big Day

Hi everyone! Long time no post a blog, yes? Sorry.. Anyway, I would like to share to you my happy story.. My big day, my wedding day.. Wow! It was Saturday 6 November 2010 to be exact.. taken place at Gedung Antam Jakarta.. and i would like to share the moment, captured by some beautiful pictures.. hope you enjoy.. :)