Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Reception, It was Beautiful!

Well, the title already represent the content of my story right now.. Its about my wedding reception. When someone asked me about what can I remember from my wedding reception, I can only describe it as a beautiful moment in my life which I will never forget. I didn't know how the food tasted like, but all I know that people who came love the food.. I wasn't pay much attention for my make up, but people who saw me that day said that I was pretty (wink!).. I didn't know the detail of the decoration, but people said that it was gorgeous.. All I remember is, me and Budy (now my husband, wink!) felt so happy and blessed! we received many loves, wishes and prayers from those who came to our wedding. It was great! GREAT! and now I share with you some of the pictures, okay?

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