Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hi everyone, I'd like to share to you guys about my TOP 10 daily cosmetics that I use. First of all, I love to put make up on my face, never too much but quite bold and fresh. But I never have a problem either if I'm not wearing make up, its just an optional thing. Here are my top 10 cosmetics.

  1. Parasol Sunblock Lotion, it is extremely important to keep your face from sunburn. You can buy it from drug store or Century or Watson
  2. Revlon liquid foundation Natural Beige (but actually this is optional, only for special occasion)
  3. Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation loose powder no. 50 (really recommended! for the color's number, it depends on your skin tone)
  4. MAC Lightful compact powder (only for special occasion but this powder give you the best result!)
  5. Pixy black Eyebrow pencil (apply it to give you a bold effect for your eyebrow)
  6. Anna Sui waterproof eyeliner (so far, this is the best liquid eyeliner for me. None crack or washed out)
  7. Oriflame Batman and Robin pencil eyeliner (I apply the white liner on my under eyelid, to give bigger-eyes-effects)
  8. MAC Loud Lash Mascara (apply it to your lashes to give thicker and bolder effect for your eyes)
  9. and 9+ MAC Fleur Power powder blush (brush it thinly to the apple of your cheek and super thin swipe to your chin. Remember, not too much, okay?)
  10. Last but not least is Hare lipstick. This lipstick is unique, if you apply it too much, it'll lasted for more than a day on your lips! so use it gently and super thin. 

This is it! my daily make up look. 


  1. Kak Suci yang cantik banget!! Makasiii tips make upnya,,very nice hehe

    oya boleh nanya,,klo pas abis solat kena air wudhu, touch up lagi pake 10nya ga kak?

    trus gimana perawatan buat wajah Kak Suci sampe mulus n cantik gtu? Posting dong kak, perawatan internal n external wajah kak Suci biar tetep seger :D :D

    thanks b4 n love ur style so much

  2. @Dea: haii Deaa.. utk touch up setelah wudhu, cukup bedaknya aja.. bedak loose powder Revlonnya.. tp paling lipstik sedikit.. Alhamdulillah klo dibilang cantik.. hehehe.. utk perawatannya gampang koq, rajin aja pake sunblock tiap keluar rumah.. trus setiap seminggu sekali masker pake madu+putih telor dan jeruk nipis dehh.. alami.. tp maknyoss khasiatnya.. selamat mencobaa.. :)

  3. oh gtu :)

    oke,,mau dicoba ah

    makasii ya Kak :)

  4. madu?yang asli kan susah dapetinnya... kira2... mdau yang mana yah....

  5. I agree about the Hare lipstick, it's great! I was amazed when a friend brought one back from Tunisia, and I've been doing what I can to find more ever since. Perfect for everyday makeup, when I want the eyes to be the central point, rather than the lips :)

  6. nice blog.. i love to do make up as well... glad to know you! ^_^

  7. tips maskernya bagus.. aku mau coba ahhh... makasih yaaa

  8. mb..
    sunblock itu di apply nya tiap kapan?
    klo udh wudhu, apa perlu diulang lagi pake sunblock dll.

  9. teh.. merek eye shadow di "Make Up Tutorial 3 (Light and Soft" apa yh? :)

  10. kak suci cantik deh , kak mau tanyak sunblock itu mesti setiap hari di pakenya yah kak .... terima kasih

  11. mo nanya dong, beli hare lipstiknya dimana ya?
    *sori ini komen telat bgt kyknya..:D:D*

  12. lipstik Hare bisa dibeli ditoko oleh-oleh haji. Kalau di jakarta di daerah tanah abang. lipstik ini biasanya sering dijadikan oleh2 Haji atau umroh. Harganya murah, satu box (isi 6 lipstik) sekitar 30 ribuan saja, tentunya lebih murah kalau kita beli di saudi apalagi pas musim haji, pasti banyak stoknya :)