Monday, December 6, 2010

Hot & Cold

Hi all.. A month ago, it was our wedding.. Yes! Time flies, I know.. I've been a wife for a month now.. Nice.. So we decide to go out on this special day.. So we went to Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta and we ate at The Nanny Pavillon. The place was so nice and well-furnished..Fortunately I brought camera! yeay.. so we can captured, well.. glimpse of our togetherness that time.. 

 It was fake snow, but still.. beautiful. I also love the choir :) 

 There are what we ordered, it tastes yummy and spoiled our tummy!

Our journey continued, after chit chat and relaxing at Pacific Place.. We went to Plaza Senayan to go bowling! yeaayyyy!! Excited! since it was my first time.. I'll share to you the pictures and my experience on the next post, alright?! xoxo

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