Saturday, December 18, 2010

Black & Gray

 gray scarf from Ladies Day Citos, Gaudi Black Cropped top, gray long sleeve ts from melawai, Nyla harem pants, black CROC shoes, and unbranded gray bag

and I love this candid picture :*

Spent this Saturday night with my family, before we (me and hubby) move to Malaysia, for good (I hope so).. So Sushi as our choice for dinner and as always, it was always fun to be around our family.. Me, wearing Black and gray could be represent how I feel about leaving my family back here.. but this is life dude! I'm married now, and I should face the fact that I belong to my husband now.. hehehehe.. 

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  1. hey.. i love ur blog ♥ and ♥ the candid portrait..u and ur hubby.. u guys look adorable :) so, r u working there in malaysia? hope u enjoy urself there